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Julien Janvier

Hi, my name is Julien and I'm a software engineer focused on solving real problems and building applications that deliver value. I'm interested in Open-Source, software architecture, and all "Driven Design" stuff. The three thing I like the most in my job? Learn from the others, share my knowledge and build something.

I like to attend developper conferences and I also had the opportunity to be a speaker.

Currently I'm lead developer at Akeneo where we build an open-source Product Information Management application. We are located in Nantes, France.

Last but not least, I'm also a former and proud contributor of the ecommerce platform Sylius. This awesome open-source project made me learnt a lot.

Apart from that, I'm a metal addict, sports fan, mountain lover, sci-fi reader and in awe of the DYI movement.

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