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08 Nov 2018

Yes, I'm launching my blog, as many other developers. But my goal is not to spread my knowledge, or to tell the "truth". In fact, I don't know what is the truth. I'm seeking it. This blog is, in first place, for me. And if, along the road, it may be interesting for sombebody or even better, if it may help somebody, that would be great! Anyway, it would just be a happy accident.

So, if it's not for sharing, why inflict that to myself?

Firstly, It's about keeping a mark of the things I learnt or of the things I think I understood. I already know that most of the lines I'll write today will seem wrong, weird or even inaccurate tomorrow. But it's OK. Being wrong is part of the process of learning. Ans writing is a really good way to cogitate.

The second goal of this wonderful Internet's piece is to improve my English. I'm sure you already noticed it: I'm not a native English speaker (or writer in the current case). It's easy to improve overall understanding by watching movies or reading books. Writing is a way to test if I digested correctly all those different inputs.

Keeping the pace?

Maybe, as many other developer blogs, it will vanish in the limbos of the Internet after 3 or 4 posts. That's a risk. And I also know that if I don't require myself a regular schedule, that's what will happen. As a consequence:

And what will this blog be about?

Surprisingly, I intend to write about things I like in software development: architecture, tests, TDD, BDD, DDD, agile, learning, teamwork... Most of my first posts will probably be focused on decoupling. Last but not least, I'll use this space to review the books I've read, the conferences I've been to and the videos I've watched.